James & Leanne review MR & GS

For our inaugural blog entry Leanne and I thought we’d try some French wines that we’ve both been curious about: the MR and the GS from Domaine Auriol!

GS grenache syrah


Leanne’s Thoughts:
For me, Winnipeg’s winter goes hand in hand with rich foods and bold red wine. Now, with the change of seasons, my tastes shift to lighter fare in both food and wine.
The MR marsanne-roussanne and the GS grenach-syrah have hit the spot on these warmer days. Both mild and easy drinking, they pair nicely with grilled chicken, fish or pork and veggies. As an added bonus, they are inexpensive, leaving more money in the bank for spending on springtime activities!
Spring has come! Enjoy the weather (and the wine)!

James’s Thoughts:
MR stands for marsanne-roussane, a French white blend that is zippy and citrusy. It is a light bodied white with notes of tropical fruits, mostly pineapple, and a soft finish. This wine is a great pairing for seafood, light chicken dishes, or even summer salads! On its own the MR would be a great crisp and refreshing sip on the patio. If you want something to compare it to I’d say a light New Zealand sauvignon blanc would be a close match.
The GS stands for grenache-syrah, a typical French red blend that mimics the light feel of its white counterpart. The GS has a smoky feel to it, making it a perfect companion to BBQ of all kinds; from burgers to poultry to fish (I’d go for salmon myself)! The GS also has a bit of light oak giving it some soft tannins making for a smooth easy-drinking red. Throw in a bit of tart cranberry and it brings to mind a feel similar to a Californian Pinot Noir. And there you have it, a well-rounded inexpensive pair of French wines perfect for the warm weather!
Tasted at Kenaston Wine Market, Winnipeg, Manitoba