Texas Tempranillo

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Texas where I encountered all of the culture one would expect from the Lone Star state. This included the abundance of delicious BBQ and Cajun foods, the largest variety of cowboy boots one has ever seen and of course, the cowboys that wear them so well. What I didn’t expect to encounter was there wine. Yes, that’s right. Texas makes wines and some pretty interesting wines at that.

I learned quite a bit about their wine production for the short time that I was there, and what is being grown in such a diverse, multi-climate state. Varietals that thrive in hot, arid conditions are growing exceptionally well in the southern areas. Varietals like Tempranillo and Touriga National (the king of the Port grapes) are dominating in the reds. For the whites, heavier and heartier varietals like Viognier and Roussane are booming.

Now I realize that getting your hands on a bottle of Texas Tempranillo could be hard to come by. However, there are other ways to explore this awesome grape that are available right here at KWM. I would recommend trying the Running with Bulls Tempranillo ($28.95) from the Barossa Valley in Australia. Some of the usual characteristics can be found in this that one would expect from the typically Spanish varietal, with some surprises too.

Aromas of sweet, floral fruit from the hot Australian sun strike you at first. However, the palate surprises with some weighted tannins with hints of oak and tobacco, reminiscent of its Spanish counter parts. This is a perfect wine to head into our upcoming BBQ season, as it will accompany many different types of grilled meats beautifully.

As they say in Texas “Y’all have a good one now”