Jim Barry The Lodge Hill Shiraz

When Jenn first started working in the wine industry, the most popular style of wine was probably Australian Shiraz. The lush ripe fruit flavours, so commonly found in Shiraz, appealed to a wide number of people and Jenn was no exception. Over the years Jenn’s tastes have broadened, finding new favourites with crisp Italian whites or robust Spanish Monastrells, but she recently decided to revisit an old favourite: Jim Barry The Lodge Hill Shiraz. This delicious rediscovery reminded Jenn that Australian wines are always worth returning to.

Along with ripe raspberry, cherry and vanilla flavours, this wine has beautiful baking spice notes, hints of pepper, and fresh mint. The long, lingering finish just keeps delivering complexity. This is a wine meant to be savoured with a good meal; Jenn suggests pairing it with a good steak, roast beef, or even a fun charcuterie plate.

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Jim Barry lodge hill shiraz