Penfolds Reserve Classic Club Tawny

Since winter seems to be refusing to depart from Winnipeg, and spring appears to have gotten lost along the way, Jenn decided against reviewing a light, patio sipper. That would have been cruel. Instead, she tasted the Penfolds Reserve Classic Club Tawny – perfect for driving away the winter blahs.

This sweet, port-style wine is a little cheeky – it is from Australia and made with grapes that would more likely traditionally be found in a Rhone wine, than a classic port from Portugal. Aged for an average of 5 years, Penfolds Classic Club has Christmas fruit cake notes, with nutmeg, fig and cinnamon.

Jenn recommends sipping this little gem on a cool evening along with nuts, cheeses, or pecan pie. Jenn also recommends pairing it with the movie Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – fun and a little cheeky too.