Winter part 3 – a difficult wine pairing

Although we long for spring, and the juicy burgers that go along with it, we must face the fact that it is still winter and it is still Winnipeg. We were hit with Winter part 3 this week, but let’s not dwell on that. Let’s take a minute and transport ourselves to Chile where there are copious amounts of affordable and tasty wines. There is a difference however from cheap Chilean wine that tastes cheap, versus affordable Chilean wine that makes even an all-night study session seem like a good idea. In the midst of hectic deadlines and projects, both Evan and I look for something that can fly solo or be paired with a nice, greasy burger. Dark, dense and robust, Terramater ZinfandelShiraz will satisfy many needs. The wine lends itself to being jammy and lip smacking, unlike other new world wines at that price. The unusual blend of the two grapes give the wine a pleasing, firm, tannic structure. Pleasurable to both your palette and your wallet, Terramater ZinfandelShiraz is $9.99.

Looking for affordable wines from Chile? Join KWM on April 8th for ‘A Taste of Spain, Chile & Argentina‘; we’ll be trying great wines from all three countries, all priced under $25.