Evan & Kim love Côté Mas

French wine can be scary. It can be intimidating, considering most is classified by only the specific region or village that it is grown in. Evan and I have been working on demystifying French wines so that they are easier to buy, enjoy and converse about with that random person you meet that seems to know way too much about things that you do not. First up on the list is a French red from the Languedoc region that snuck into the store and took everyone by surprise. Côté Mas Rouge Intense is a wine that plays great by itself or well with a variety of foods. A scrumptious easy drinking, (but don’t kid yourselves, it does have great body) blend of Carignan, Grenache Noir, Cinsault and a hint of Merlot and Syrah makes for a great wine any evening. For a steal of a price of $11.99 the Côté Mas also comes in a white blend and now a rose. I personally can attest to the amount of times this wine has become a staple at a small impromptu gathering. Dark (but not over-ripe) cherries and red grapes combine with a hint of moist forest earth and sun-baked herbs and light pepper to a maturely oaked finish.