Valentines Featured Wine – Enamore 2010

Enamore is a wine of beautiful partnerships. The playful name comes from both the Spanish word for falling in love, and an anagram for the Amarone style used to make this unique wine. A union of two cultures, two different continents, Enamore is truly a bottle to fall in love with.

The blend of Malbec, Cabernet Franc  Bonarda and Cabernet Sauvignon are partially dried before pressing in the “appassimento” style (used famously for Amarone), concentrating the elegant flavours into a delicious ‘raisined’ wine with a beautiful round finish. The best way to enjoy this bottle would be to enjoy it slowly over rich food or cheeses. Particularly good with a special someone you don’t mind spending some time with as you let the wine breathe.


For more information from the producer: Bodegas Renacer.